Strengthen your mind, body, and soul.

Strength training helps to increase bone density, reduce your resting blood pressure, and build a stronger heart. It improves your blood flow, along with your balance and coordination.

Are you an athlete aiming to reach your peak performance level? Are you someone that just wants to carry those grocery bags to the car with ease?  Whatever your physical motivation and desire, strength training can assist you to achieve them.

Strength Training - Natalie AmoréNatalie’s experience as a professional athlete has armed her with the knowledge that health and fitness requires a holistic approach.

With a strong mind, body, and soul – reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals is possible.

Get body positive with strength training!

As your body strengthens so to will your attitude towards it. Building a healthy and positive relationship with your body is an added benefit of resistance training. It’s hard not to be impressed by the natural ability your body has to improve, grow, and gain strength. It might start with noticing and appreciating the development of your muscles as you start to pick up a heavier weight. You may find that clothes are sitting on your body differently as your body definition changes. These examples may help you to positively alter your perception and attitude towards yourself.

Please contact Natalie to discuss how strength training can help you.

One on One

Strength & Fitness
60 minute session
  • Personally tailored session
  • Commit to your body and be accountable
  • Increase your strength – mental & physical

Two on One

Strength & Fitness
$65/per person
60 minute session
  • Team up and train with an accountabilibuddy
  • Save some money
  • Strengthen your relationship with your body

Group Strength & Fitness Circuit

Price on enquiry
minimum of 6 for class
  • Train with others in a supportive environment
  • Great for seeing what strength training is all about
  • Classes require minimum number of participants to run