Nutrition planning for health and happiness.

Natalie has a holistic approach to health and fitness. Ensuring that your mind, body, and soul are working together is part of a complete health program. Her work as a health coach incorporates nutritional planning to assist you with making the necessary changes to get the best out of your physical training.

Nutrition Planning - (Photography: Alexandr Podvainy)Keep your fire burning by giving it the fuel it needs.

Nutrition planning plays an important role in reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals.

Natalie will work with you to create lasting changes in your life aligning with your values. As a health coach she will not only look at your nutrition planning but also assess other areas in your life. These include stresses, and recommending strategies to alter and change any negative impacts on your health.

Please contact Natalie with any questions you might have about health coaching and nutrition planning services.

Health & Wellness Program

Initial Consult
initial consult only
  • 60 minutes
  • Analysis of current health & nutrition
  • Goal setting

Health & Wellness Program

Initial consult + First program
initial consult + first program
  • 60 minute Initial Consult
  • Analysis & Goal Setting
  • First Program

Health & Wellness Program

Multi program session packs
6-12 week pack
Prices on enquiry
  • Buy a session pack and save
  • Commit to your program and sessions
  • Plan to succeed