Group boxing classes provide a supportive environment to learn the skills and techniques of boxing while improving your fitness.

Group boxing classes are a great way to get into shape. Boxing is an all over workout for your body. You’ll be engaging your core and your legs for strength and balance, whilst your arm and back muscles feel the power from your punch.

Group Boxing Classes
Women’s group boxing class at Alternative Women’s Fitness

Learn and improve your skills with:

  • Boxing technique
  • Footwork and stance
  • Core and balance work
  • Combinations
  • Partner work and pad holding
  • Shadow boxing

Boxing classes are a fun way to get fit as well as providing you with skills for self defense. The quick thinking and intuition you’ll get from boxing training is an added bonus to the physical benefits received.

Natalie currently teaches Women only classes at Alternative Women’s Fitness in Thornbury.

Please contact Natalie to discuss any questions you might have about joining a group boxing class.

Group Boxing Circuit

minimum of 6 people per group
60 minute session
  • Cardio intensive boxing class
  • Learn technique
  • Improve strength and stamina